“I’m still pissed off that you knew this would happen,” Matt O’Connor grumbled, shooting Will a dirty look. “Some warning would’ve been nice, Lieutenant.”

“You can’t change the future, man. Telling you guys would’ve achieved nothing.”

Ryan cocked his head, looking intrigued. “So your girl really saw it happen? She saw the crash?”

Will nodded.

“Think she knows who I’ll be screwing tonight?”

He rolled his eyes. “You were shot in the arm. I doubt you’ll be screwing anyone.”

Ryan glanced at Matt and grinned. “He underestimates my sexual prowess.”

As the pilot set the chopper down at the base, Will noticed Carson glaring at him from the seat across. “What now?”

“Just thinking about how you kissed my girlfriend, that’s all.”

He groaned. “How many times do I have to apologize for that?”

“At least, oh, about a thousand more.”

Garrett jabbed Carson’s ribs. “Hey, you f**ked my wife. The Lieutenant’s a choir boy in comparison.”

The chatter died as the helicopter landed. The six men immediately jumped out, and Will watched in amusement as his teammates took off. Carson and Garrett moved the fastest, obviously eager to wash the mud off and go home to their women.

Which is precisely what Will planned on doing.

Striding into the building, he headed down the corridor and walked into the first empty office he saw. He made a beeline for the phone and dialed so fast he feared he’d pressed the wrong numbers.

And then he heard her voice.

“Hey,” he said softly.

A stunned silence, and then, “Oh, thank God! Oh God. You’re okay! Oh Jesus.”

He fought a smile. “Is it inappropriate to say I told you so?”

“Very.” There was a soft sniffle. “I’ve been going crazy with worry, Will. Your commander called me when you lost radio contact, and he sounded freaked, and… Oh God. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yep. In perfect health too.” He wrinkled his nose as the aroma of mud and swamp drifted up to it. “I smell like shit, though. I should probably hop in the shower before I—”

“Don’t you dare,” Mackenzie cut in. “You’re to do nothing but get in your car and come home.”

“It’ll take me an hour to get there. You’ll have to exercise some patience, baby.”

“Don’t talk to me about patience. I’ve just spent the past three days waiting by the phone.”

“Well, sit tight for just a while longer, baby. I’ll be there soon.”

“Will?” Her voice shook. “I love you.”

His heart did a dumb little flip, but lord, how he loved hearing those three words come out of her mouth. “I love you too, Mac. Always have, always will.”

“Good. So come home, Will. Now.”

He grinned. “Yes, ma’am.”