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We spent more than an hour and a half on the conference. By the time we were ready to hang up, my head was spinning and I was so grateful that Jack had taken control of the negotiations because it sounded like the original contract was very different than the one we would be signing. Ryan had definitely earned her fee, whatever that might be someday, since it was contingent on our sales.

“Well, ladies, I think we were able to get you both covered nicely. Do you have any questions for me to help you be more comfortable with signing everything in your individual packages?” Ryan smiled, giving us a glimpse of perfect white straight teeth to match her perfect high cheekbones.

Sienna and I looked at each other and shrugged. “I don’t think so, Ryan, I think you covered anything we could have wanted to discuss, and then some.” I returned Ryan’s smile.

“That’s great. Then maybe Jack will relax a little. That man should have been a lawyer the way he interrogated me with questions on this.” Ryan’s business face relaxed a little, her voice breaking from the all-business tone of the last hour and a half. “I’ve never seen him like this, Sydney. That man has it bad.”

“Uh … thanks.” I wasn’t sure how to respond to a statement like that. It sounded like she must have known Jack for a while, but I didn’t feel comfortable asking.

Ryan laughed a lighthearted friendly laugh. “Okay then, you make sure to let Jack know we’re all good so he can call off the dogs. My husband was starting to tease that he was going to get me a new cell phone with the number of times Jack called to go over details in the last few days.”

Whatever tension had grown in my neck subsided a little when Ryan mentioned her husband. I had never been the jealous type, but Jack seemed to cause feelings in me that were new on so many different levels.


Sienna and I decided to video chat with Jack together after our conference call to say thank you for finding us Ryan. After a few minutes Sienna decided to run out and order us dinner with our bus driver, leaving me alone on the bus to talk to Jack.

“So you liked her?” Jack loosened his tie as he spoke. I felt a pang of heat as I watched him undo the top few buttons, exposing the skin at the top of his neck. There was something very sexy about talking to Jack from his office and seeing him transform from all-business to caring boyfriend.

“Yes, I really did. Have you known her a long time? It sounded like it from something she said.” I was glad my question came across as aloof as I had wanted it to sound. I really didn’t want to sound like a crazy jealous girlfriend after all the trouble that Jack had gone through for me.

Jack laughed. “I’ve known her since birth basically. Her mom was our housekeeper and they lived in the guesthouse until she went off to college. We spent years in the same playpen, since whenever my mom went out, my father handed me over to Ryan’s mom.”

“Oh.” I paused for a moment, letting the new information sink in. “Well, she seems to really like you.”

Jack’s face got serious. “She’s never been anything but a friend, Syd.”

“I didn’t’ say anything.”

“But you were thinking it.”

“How do you know what I’m thinking?”

Jack chuckled. “I feel like we have had this conversation before, babe.”

His playfulness made me laugh. Or perhaps it could have been the relief I felt from knowing Ryan was only a friend of Jack’s.

“Why did you send an iPad? You know I packed mine.” I watched as Jack’s eyes left my face and settled on my breasts.

“I wanted to have the latest encryption software loaded for security.”

“Is my contract top secret?” I raised an eyebrow, teasing, and Jack’s eyes came back to meet mine. God, his beautiful green eyes weren’t even dulled by being shot through a satellite feed thousands of miles away.

“I wasn’t worried that someone would hack into your conversation with Ryan about the contract.”

I furrowed my brow, “Then what—” Jack’s sexy crooked smile stopped me mid sentence and I watched as he raised his eyebrows suggestively.

“Are you alone in the bus?”


“Go into the bedroom and lock the door.” I felt a surge between my legs at his words.

Jack didn’t delay with further instructions as I locked the bedroom door behind me. “Sit on the bed. Set the stand up so I can see all of you.”

I blushed, knowing what he was asking me to do, but did as he instructed anyway.

“I love you in pink. I can’t see the damn color anymore without thinking of you. Do you know what it’s like to walk around for a half an hour with a hard on just because I pass a shirt in that color folded in our closet?”

I wasn’t sure what I liked better, the thought of Jack’s hard on, the thought of him thinking of me just from seeing a color, or that he had called his closet “our closet.” All of them made me feel warm in private places.

“Take off your pants, Syd. Sit with your legs open and the camera between them.”

I did as he asked, surprisingly not self-conscious about what I thought I was about to do. I left on my pink lace boy shorts, grateful that I was wearing pretty underwear that matched my shirt.

I looked up at the camera just as Jack was running his fingers through his hair. I could feel the tension pouring from his movements.

“Leave the underwear on, but pull them aside so I can see you, babe.”

I felt all of the hair on my body stand at attention with excitement. I looked down, slowly and deliberately taking my time as I first rubbed up and down on the crotch of my underwear using my pink painted nail. I could feel the wetness already dripping from my body. I heard Jack groan, and his reaction fueled my performance. I stopped the finger that was gently tracing up and down and looked up at the camera under hooded eyes. Slowly I lifted the finger from my sex to my mouth and sucked it as Jack watched intently.

I removed my wet finger and slowly brought it down to the edges of my pink lace panties, taking my time to pull the thin material to the side, exposing my glistening most-private of areas.

I looked up at the screen and saw Jack had pushed back from his desk and was slowly unbuttoning his pants, his eyes fixated between my legs. I watched as his thick c**k sprang free and his hand wrapped around the thick base.

“Take off your shirt.”

My taut ni**les strained against the top of my demi-cup lace bra, full with arousal.

“Pull down your bra so I can see your nipples. Keep the other hand on your panties.”

I obeyed. My ni**les protruded proudly, anxious for Jack’s touch. His words sent my body ablaze and I couldn’t stop to think how it could be satisfied without Jack to fill me.

Jack’s breath became ragged, calling my attention to the screen. I watched as his big hand stroked leisurely up and down his thick cock.

“Pinch your nipple.”

I complied.


I grasped my swollen nub firmly between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed harder. A slight hint of pain shot through me, sending a rush of moisture down to my already swollen clit. I closed my eyes and moaned, succumbing to the intense feeling.

“Push two fingers inside yourself. Do it slowly so I can watch every inch disappear.”

I reached down between my legs and circled my opening, gathering the moisture that had pooled at my entrance. I hesitated as my fingers sat at my ready opening.

“You’re so beautiful, Syd. Pretend it’s me inside of you. Close your eyes. I’m on my knees in front of you, my head circling your entrance, waiting for its chance to plunge into your wet pussy.”

I circled my fingers and let my legs fall further open as I closed my eyes, imagining Jack on his knees in front of me.

“You’re so wet, baby. Put me inside of you. Show me how much you want me.”

I took a deep breath and pushed my two fingers deep inside of myself. A loud moan escaped my throat.

Jack’s voice was ragged as he continued. “I want to pump in and out of you, babe.”

I began pushing my fingers in and out, never fully withdrawing my fingers on each pull.

“Faster, babe. I need it faster, Syd.”

I pumped furiously in and out, in and out, my chest heaving as I drew closer to my own release.

“Take your thumb and cover your cl*twith your other hand.”

I obeyed.

“Rub circles on your clit. Don’t stop my thick c**k from thrusting.”

The pressure on my swollen cl*tpushed me over the edge and I came hard, the furiousness of it taking me by surprise. I moaned and called Jack’s name over and over until my orgasm worked its way through my body. My whole body shuddered as it escaped me.

I pushed out a deep breath and looked up under hooded eyes at the screen just in time to see Jack spurt three long thick streams into the air. I groaned, wishing I were there to catch it on my stomach.

A few minutes later, Jack was cleaning himself up and I pulled the sheet from the bed to cover myself. Chills met my perspiration, causing a shiver down to my toes.

“Babe, that was seriously f**king incredible.” Jack’s voice was low and sincere, but his cocky smile hinted at his mood.

“I can’t believe I was able to do that.” The rawness of what I’d just done was finally hitting me.

“Seriously, babe, I have never seen anything more erotic in my life. I’m going to need two cold showers a day just thinking about watching you do that.”

Jack’s praise pushed aside any embarrassment that had started to creep in. “Are you kidding me, have you looked in the mirror? You could probably make me come just by looking at your face and listening to your voice.”

Jack smiled and arched one eyebrow. “That sounds like a challenge….”

I laughed. “You are truly the devil, Mr. Cole.”


The smell of shrimp in garlic sauce permeated the room when I opened the bedroom door. My little act had worked up my appetite and I was suddenly starving.

“Mmmm ... shrimp and garlic sauce. You are too good to me.”

“Sounded more like you were good to yourself in there.” Sienna smirked, enjoying her own crude joke.

I picked up a pillow from the couch and hurled it in her direction. Sienna ducked and it missed her. “You may want to lock the door and sleep in the bedroom tonight by yourself,” Sienna teased. “I don’t think you could trust me to lay next to you, I’m so worked up from listening to you two.”

I grabbed my shrimp and garlic sauce and a fork, not even bothering to take the meal out of the tin serving container. We both knew I was going to eat the whole thing anyway.


“Are you kidding? I’m insanely jealous. Haven’t you noticed my dry spell lately? That was the most action I’ve had since we left New York.”

Sienna always had a healthy sexual appetite, but I hadn’t stopped to give any thought to her lack of recent sexual activity. Since I was suddenly forced to think about it, it was odd to realize I’d been hanging out for at least a month or two with an abstinent Sienna. The woman could snap her fingers and pretty much have any man she wanted.

“What’s stopping you? Have you decided to save yourself for marriage?” It was Sienna’s turn to throw a pillow at me.

“Maybe I’m just maturing?”

“Doubt it,” I managed to get out while chewing a mouth full of food.


“Slut.” I laughed. Sienna and I had ended many debates with our thoughtful terms of endearment.

Chapter 9

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we entered Bellissima Recording Studio in Parma, Italy. The tour promoter had worked with our agent, Ryan, to find a place for us to record in between three shows in Florence and Milan. Our plan was to record a single in two sessions, which Kyle had told us was going to be tough to do, but not impossible.

The studio was located in Parma, a small but cosmopolitan city in Northern Italy. I knew from speaking with Ryan that she had rejected at least three other studios before accepting Bellissima as our recording destination. The promoter had sent a car to pick up Sienna and I from Milan early in the morning, and the trip to Parma had taken a little over an hour. Jack had told me that Parma was well known for its artistic heritage, opera and food. As our car navigated the small cobblestone streets of the city, I was excited to see the historical architecture of the village come into sight. Students wandered around the streets, and beautiful historic churches set the backdrop for a small village within a city.

We pulled up to Bellissima and the driver instructed us in his best attempt at English to enter through a small alley door. As we entered the building I was struck by the stark contrast of the modern, sleek feel of the inside to the rich historical feel of the outside.

“Buon Giorno! Such bellissima ladies, you have come to the right place!” an adorable small older Italian man yelled as he came to greet us at the door. He immediately reached for us, kissing both cheeks in a grand expression that instantly made me like the silver-haired charming man.

“Buon Giorno.” I smiled, returning the gesture. “I’m Sydney, and this is Sienna. We’re here to meet Giovanni for a recording session.”

“Si. I am Giovanni, but to you I am Gio, yes? All the beautiful ladies, they call me Gio. We sit, we have biscotti and espresso, si.”

“Si,” Sienna and I responded in unison and smiled. We were both incessant coffee drinkers and were starting to go through withdrawal from the single cup we’d each had that morning before being rushed off to the studio.

Gio folded each of his arms to his chest, his elbows proudly offering each of us an arm to hold as he walked us to an exit door at the rear of the studio. Outside was a small courtyard that held three small round tables with matching wrought iron chairs. The small courtyard perimeter was outlined by dozens of small planting pots with various greenery growing. The patio smelled of coffee and spice and I looked around the tiny area, recognizing basil and a dozen other fresh seasonings growing.