She held his gaze in the dark, and when she crashed apart a moment later, it was with his name on her lips.

Jehan couldn’t curb his satisfied grin.

He rose over her, pressing her knees to her chest as he guided his cock between the slick folds of her sex. Her eyes were locked on his, her body still flushed and shuddering with the aftershocks of her release. He tested her tight entrance with a small thrust of his hips, groaning as her little muscular walls enveloped the head of his shaft.

He grasped for control and found he had none.

Not where this woman was concerned.

And why that didn’t scare the hell out of him, he didn’t know.

Right now, with Seraphina wet and ready for him, the question damn well didn’t matter.

With a harsh curse, he flexed his pelvis and seated himself to the root.


She gasped Jehan’s name as he took her in one deep, breath-stealing thrust.

His wicked mouth and fingers had left her nerve endings vibrating and numb with sensation, her body slick and hot from release. But each rolling push of Jehan’s hips stoked her arousal to life once more. His cock stretched her, filled her so completely she could barely accommodate all of his length and girth. She closed her eyes against the staggering ecstasy that built as he moved inside her, his powerful strokes and relentless tempo driving her to the edge of her sanity.

She’d never felt anything as intoxicating as the naked strength of Jehan’s magnificent body. That all of his passion—all of his immense control—was concentrated on her pleasure was a drug she could easily become addicted to. Maybe she already was because her hunger for him was only growing more consuming with every hard crash of his body against hers.

Reaching up between them, he drew one of her legs down from where it lay bent against her chest and wrapped it around his waist as he shifted into an even more intense angle. The new position gave her access to his glyph-covered pecs and muscled abdomen, which she explored with questing fingers and scoring nails. She lifted her head and watched him pound into her, mesmerized by the violent, erotic beauty of their need.

Jehan made an approving noise in the back of his throat. “Do you like the way we look, Sera? Your legs spread open so wide for me, my cock buried in your heat?”

“Yes.” Oh, God. Had she thought she was already at the brink of combusting? His dark voice inflamed her even more. She tore her gaze away from their joining only to meet the crackling fire that blazed down at her from his transformed eyes. “Jehan...I didn’t know it could be like this. Watching you push inside me like you can’t get deep enough. I love seeing us together like this. I love the way we feel.”

“Mm,” he responded, more growl than reply. “Then let me give you even more.”

He set a new pace that destroyed her already slipping control. Another orgasm mounted and twisted inside her, sweeping her into a dizzying spiral of pleasure. She caught her lip between her teeth on a strangled moan as the climax swelled, nearing its breaking point.

Jehan’s rhythm showed no mercy. He rode her harder, deeper, his hips pistoning furiously.

She arched beneath him, unable to hold on any longer. Turning her head into her pillow, she let go of a scream as her release broke over her in wave after wave of bliss.

Jehan pumped furiously as she came, then a rough curse ripped out of him. He tensed, his muscles hardening like granite beneath her fingertips as she clung to him. His amber-lit eyes blazed hot, locked on her.

He hissed her name, torment and pleasure etched in his handsome, savage face. Then a roar boiled past his teeth and fangs. His hips thrust viciously, then he plunged deep on a curse as the sudden, scorching flow of his seed erupted inside her.

She’d never felt so sated. So deliciously fucked.

She caressed Jehan as his body relaxed and his orgasm ebbed. But his cock had lost little of its stiffness inside her. And as he murmured rumbling praises for the way she felt, his strong fingers petting her hair and cheeks and breasts, that lingering stiffness had returned to steel again.

She couldn’t control her body’s response to him, nor could she curb her shaky sigh of pleasure as his shaft swelled to capacity and the walls of her sex clenched to hold him. She moved beneath him, creating a slick friction.

“Holy fuck, Sera.” He closed his eyes for a moment, head tipped back on his shoulders as she invited him to take her again. When his gaze came back to hers, the fire that had been there before flared even hotter. “I should’ve walked away. Now, it’s too late. It’s too fucking late for both of us.”

She nodded, knowing he was right. They should have resisted this heat that lived between them.

They should have refused the handfast and all that came with it.

They both should have realized that giving in to this desire would only spark a greater need.

For Sera, what she felt for Jehan went beyond physical need or even a passing affection. Tonight, she’d seen a new side of him. Not the arrogant Breed male who strode through life as if he owned the world. Not the Order warrior who dealt in ruthless justice and death.

Tonight, at the camp, she’d witnessed a different side of him. Jehan was a kind man, a compassionate man. She’d glimpsed the honor inside him, and now that she had seen those things, she would never be able to regard him in any lesser light.

So, yes. It was much too late for her to walk away from anything that happened between them tonight.

And if she should regret that fact, she never would.

Not when Jehan was looking at her the way he was now, with fever in his eyes and desire riding the furious arcs and swirls of his multicolored dermaglyphs. And not when his amazing cock was making her yearn to be taken all over again.

“On your knees this time,” he commanded her, his deep voice husky and raw.

Her eyes widened in surprise, but she eagerly scrambled out from under him to obey. He loomed behind her, the heat of his presence scalding her backside. His fingers waded through their combined juices, wringing a desperate mewl from her throat as the wet sounds of his caresses joined the dry howl of the sandstorm still raging outside the tent.

She felt the thick length of his cock between her swollen folds. Then he grasped her hips in his hands and slowly impaled her on him, inch by glorious inch.

They set a less frantic pace now, somehow finding the will to savor the pleasure, making it last as long as they could hold out. After they had both climaxed again, they dropped into a lazy sprawl on her blanket-strewn pallet.

For a long while, there were no words between them. They lay together in the dark, listening to the hiss of swirling sand as the storm continued to sweep through the camp.

Sera was stretched alongside him, one arm resting on his chest. She traced the pattern of glyphs that spread over his smooth skin, memorizing the Breed skin markings that were unique to him alone. They were beautiful. And so was he.

“I need to thank you for tonight, Jehan.”

He grunted. “No need, trust me.” His strong arm tightened around her, bringing her closer against him. “I should be the one thanking you.”

She rose up to look at his face. “No, I mean for what you did tonight. For helping me bring the supplies here. For going out into the storm to find Yasmin and make sure she got the care she needed for her injured leg.”

He shrugged mildly. “Again, there’s no need for thanks. I did what anyone would do.”