But…what if he did die? Shouldn’t she allow herself one more night with him? She’d already decided to tell him about the vision, a goal she’d seemed to lose track of between watching Will kiss another woman and then letting the attraction distract her in the alley. She’d planned on doing it now, before that attraction reared its irritating head again, but suddenly she was reconsidering.

One more night in his arms, in his bed. Didn’t she deserve at least that before she informed him of his impending death?

Her heart pounded as she watched him kick off his shoes and shut the door. The stark desire on his face took her breath away. No man had ever looked at her like that before, as if she were a juicy feast he couldn’t wait to devour, as if she were his entire world.

“You didn’t listen,” he said huskily, moving toward her with catlike grace.

“What?” she stammered.

He reached her, his strong arms encircling her waist. He bent his head and licked her neck with his warm tongue. “You’re still dressed.”

It took every ounce of strength she possessed to shrug out of his seductive arms. “What happened with Holly?” She kept her voice firm, calm, determined not to let him steal her common sense the way he’d done less than an hour ago.

Will seemed irritated by the question. “I told her I was coming home with you.”

Mac gaped at him. “And what, you left her alone at Harriet’s B&B, in a strange town where she doesn’t know a soul? God, Will, you really are an ass!”

The callousness of his actions was just what she needed to get her brain in check. It was far easier to be angry with Will than to lust over him like an animal in heat.

“No, I didn’t leave her alone.” A sigh rolled out of his chest. “Her boyfriend is on his way to pick her up.”

Deafening silence filled the room.

Mac stared at him in shock, the implication of his words whipping around in her head until an uncharacteristic growl ripped out of her mouth. “Her boyfriend?” she exclaimed heatedly. “You…you brought her here…kissed her…and she’s not even your girlfriend?”


His cavalier tone intensified the jolt of betrayal in her belly. “You tricked me? Why the hell would you do that?”

He shrugged. “To make you jealous.”

She’d known the answer before he even said the words, and she suddenly felt like a total idiot for playing right into his hands. Of course Will wouldn’t have fallen into bed with someone else a mere day after he’d slept with Mac. He wasn’t that kind of man. Oh no, Will was loyal to the core, ridiculously stubborn, dead-set on getting what he wanted, and for fifteen years, he’d wanted her. So much so that he’d resorted to juvenile tactics to get her.

And he’d succeeded, that son of a bitch. Mac knew without a doubt tonight’s vision wouldn’t have come true, she wouldn’t have let him bring her to orgasm in that damn alley, if Holly hadn’t been in the picture. The sight of Will with another woman had made her insane, hammered her with nails of jealousy and resentment, and driven her to give Will exactly what he wanted.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that,” he said with a dry grin. “You would’ve done the same thing in my place.”

“Maybe in the sixth grade,” she huffed. “Damn you! It’s not fair to play with people’s emotions like that.”

He moved closer again, the spicy, masculine scent of him filling her nose and weakening her resolve. She held up a hand. “Don’t you dare come any closer. I’m furious with you.”

Another shrug. “Good. I’ve found angry sex can be damn hot.”

She swatted at his outstretched hands. “I’m not having sex with you.”

“Yes, you are.” His voice was smoky with heat and seduction.

Almost immediately, her mind cleared of everything but the desire she felt for this man. She forgot about the vision of his helicopter, her anger about his lie, everything.

Damn it, she wanted just one more night with him.

Mac’s br**sts grew heavy and her muscles clenched in anticipation as he thrust his hand in her hair and angled her head to accommodate his approaching mouth. The kiss was electrifying, molten hot and deliciously erotic. His tongue pried her lips open, delving into her mouth and flicking determinedly against her own tingling tongue.

And then his lips moved, and he was exploring her neck, nibbling her flushed skin. “You are going to have sex with me,” he murmured, his breath fanning over her flesh. “Tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow night, and the night after, and the one after that. I’m going to f**k you every second of every f**king day, until you won’t remember what it’s like not having my c**k inside of you.”

His mouth returned to hers, his tongue tracing her lower lip. “Now take off your clothes. I want to look at you.”

She feared he might’ve cast a spell on her, because she found herself doing precisely what he’d asked. She stripped off her shirt and bra then wiggled out of her jeans and panties. Just like that. He commanded, and she obeyed. Damn it. She should hate herself for her weakness, how easily she gave into this man’s husky orders and persuasive hands.

Will’s dark eyes studied every inch of her exposed body. Each time his gaze lingered, on her br**sts, her tummy, her thighs, her sex, flames licked at her skin. She was unbearably hot, painfully aroused.

Damn him.