Features strained, Will unceremoniously ripped his shirt over his head then tackled his jeans. After he shucked his boxers, he stepped toward her, naked, beautiful, his thick c**k jutting out eagerly.

Moisture pooled between her legs. She wanted him inside of her. She wanted every inch of him buried deep inside of her.

“Widen your legs,” he rasped out.

She did as he asked, shivering wildly as he sank to his knees and kissed the inside of one thigh. His big hands rested on her bu**ocks, drawing her toward him, toward his waiting mouth.

Mac threw her head back and cried out when his tongue found her clit. The sensations swirling through her body were too much, too fierce and too hot and— “More,” she squeezed out. “Give me more.”

He did, burying his face deeper, sucking harder on her clit until she couldn’t stay upright anymore. Noticing her floundering equilibrium, he tugged her down to the floor and repositioned her so that she lay flat on her back, legs wide open, her moist center exposed and aching for him.

“You’re so f**king beautiful,” Will said gruffly, his gaze fixed on her most intimate place. “I want to eat you up, baby.”

“Do it then.” The wanton words slid out before she could stop them.

He shot her a faint half-smile then dipped his head. Her hips surged toward him, and she rubbed herself against his mouth, desperately grabbing every bit of pleasure he had to offer. He brought his tongue back to her clit, licking, gently scraping his teeth over it, while two long fingers worked their way inside her hot channel. The resulting orgasm sent a bolt of lightning up her spine, seizing her body and lighting it on fire.

She heard her moans fill the room, but the reckless, blissful sounds seemed to be coming from far away. All she could hear, see, feel, was Will, and his tongue, his fingers, his hot breath on her clit.

Mac barely had a chance to come down from the orgasmic high when Will climbed up her body and drove his c**k inside her. There was nothing gentle about his movements. Long, hard strokes, his c**k slamming into her, his fingers digging into her hips. The hardwood floor beneath her back was cold, unforgiving, but it only added to the rising urgency, the rough, unrestrained thrusts and desperate groans.

It had never been like this with any other man. So good, it was so damn good. Her arms tightened around his muscular back, fingernails digging into his sinewy flesh. Will let out a harsh curse, muttering, “Too fast,” even as he was shuddering over her, jerking wildly as he filled her with his hot seed.

His breath came out in pants, his shaft pulsating inside her, and Mac found herself smiling as she looked up at his sexy, dark eyes, thick with passion and arousal. She liked seeing Will lose control. He was always so serious, his emotions never quite reaching his eyes, but not now. Now, she could see everything he was feeling. The raw desire, the tenderness, the love.


The notion made her stiffen, and Will quickly captured her mouth and kissed her. “No,” he ordered into her lips. “You are not pulling back from me again.”

She tried turning her face away from the possessive kiss, but he wouldn’t have it. “No,” he said again, and then before she could even blink, he withdrew, lifted her to her feet, and carried her into the bedroom.

Chapter Seven

It only took two days for Will to accept that he would simply never be able to get enough of Mackenzie, and it was a truth he wouldn’t be complaining about any time soon. He wondered, as he strode out of the bathroom on Sunday night, if this was even natural. He and Mac had stayed in bed since the night of the carnival, only getting up to grab a quick bite or take a shower, though both activities had resulted in yet another round of ridiculously hot sex. But again, no complaints.

The only downside was that he sensed there was something on her mind. Every now and then, she would grow silent, bite her bottom lip, or look at him with a troubled frown. Since he had a feeling it had to do with residual doubt, he hadn’t pushed for answers. The last thing he wanted to do was remind her of her previous reservations about him. About them.

“Your phone rang again,” Mac said as he settled himself on the bed.

Her raven hair was tousled, and the sight of her red cheeks brought a smile to his lips. She’d come only moments ago, as he’d slid his fingers into her tight pu**y, and he loved seeing the remnants of that climax on her flushed face.

Drawing her warm, naked body toward his, he absently stroked her bare shoulder as she he reached for the cell phone sitting on the dresser. The missed call on the screen was from Carson.

Will sighed.

Next to him, Mac peered at the phone and laughed. “Oh, call him back already. He can’t kill you when you’re here and he’s all the way in San Diego.”

“Wanna bet?”

“At least check your messages then. Maybe he’s not even angry.”

“Again, wanna bet?”

Still, he punched in the code for his mailbox then pressed the speakerphone button. A moment later, Carson’s voice came on.

“You kissed my girlfriend? My f**king girlfriend? I don’t give two shits if you’re my Lieutenant. I’m kicking your goddamn ass, Charleston!” Click.

Will glanced down at the naked woman in his arms. “See?”

“Let’s hear the next one,” she said with a laugh.

He hit delete, and moved to the following message.

“Holly just told me you had your hands on her ass. I swear to God, Will, I’m tearing out your throat.” Click.