Fire consumed her body, growing hotter and stronger when he shoved one hard thigh between her legs and ground against her throbbing core. The long ridge of his c**k pressed into her mound. She could feel him pulsing, swelling, and the thought of having all that hard, male flesh deep inside her made her gasp with pleasure.

“I want you, Mackenzie,” he murmured against her trembling lips. “Now. Always.”

The words swiftly jolted her back to reality. She stumbled back, nearly tripping over the couch before regaining her equilibrium. She blinked wildly, trying not to look at his flushed face, the wild lust glimmering in his black eyes. This was Will. Her best friend since she was fifteen years old. For God’s sake, she couldn’t fall into bed with him, no matter how incredible a kisser he was, no matter how much her body shouted for her to do it.

“We can’t,” she managed, her voice sounding too desperate to her ears.

“We can,” he corrected.

Before she could move farther away, he pulled her against him again and cupped her ass, pushing his pelvis into her so she could feel his unmistakable erection. He dipped his head, his lips hovering over her ear, his hot breath fanning over her skin. “You’ve been doing this to me from the moment I met you, Mac.”


“Don’t.” His breath tickled her earlobe. “Don’t make excuses, or give me reasons why we can’t do this. I’ve stood patiently on the sidelines for fifteen years, watched you date other men, waited for you to see what’s in front of you. But I’m tired of waiting.”

She swallowed back a moan as he took her earlobe into his mouth and suckled on it. Heart thudding against her ribcage, she wondered how it would feel having Will suckle other parts of her body. Her ni**les instantly hardened. Her clit swelled.

“You opened the door to this when you kissed me,” he continued huskily. “And if I didn’t think you wanted it, I’d turn around and walk out the door right now. But you want it, Mac. You want it very, very badly.”

She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. She’d never seen him like this, so damn sure of himself, so cocky. God help her, but she liked it. And from the look on his sexy face, he knew it. She’d spilled so many secrets to this man. She didn’t have many girlfriends, and sharing her deepest darkest fantasies with Will, her closest friend, hadn’t seemed wrong at the time. Now it unnerved her, the knowledge that he knew precisely what she wanted from a lover.

He dragged his index finger along the seam of her lips and rotated his hips, his erection rubbing over the thin boxer shorts she’d worn to bed.

“You’re turned on, aren’t you?” he whispered.

The word “yes” slipped out before she could stop it.

A faint smile tugged at his sensual mouth. “Maybe we should do something about that.”

“You’re my best friend,” she squeaked.

“Not tonight.” He gave a decisive nod, punctuated by another thrust of his groin. “Tonight I’m not your friend, Mac. Tonight I’m the man who’s going to f**k you senseless.”

She moaned.

He merely smiled again, before his eyes narrowed and his features grew taut. “Last chance, Mac. If you want me to leave, say the word. If not, then you can’t fight this any longer.” He cocked his head, dark eyes cloudy with both anticipation and challenge. “What’ll it be?”

She swallowed. A part of her wanted to tell him to go, leave before things got out of hand. Another part of her realized that it was too late. This was already out of hand, and the only thing to do now was ride it out.

“Stay,” she murmured.

“Very good decision.”

He kissed her again, and this time she responded with fervor. As their tongues tangled, she couldn’t fight that wave of disbelief flooding through her, the voice that kept reminding her who she was playing tonsil hockey with at the moment. It was surreal, kissing Will. Surreal and yet so incredible she didn’t think she’d ever get enough.

Outside, the rain continued to pour from the sky, slapping into the house and causing the walls to shudder as violently as her body. The sound of the pounding rain matched the pounding of her heart, the howl of the wind echoed the desire howling through her body.

She groaned in disappointment when Will broke the kiss, but he ignored the protest and lifted her up into his arms. At five-eight, she could hardly be considered petite, but Will made her feel as light as a feather as he carried her up the stairs and across the dark hallway toward her bedroom.

He deposited her on the bed, placed her on the already tangled sheets and shot her a pointed look.

“W-what is it?” she asked.

“You know what I want, Mac. Give it to me.”

Her pulse raced, the thump-thump of her heart reverberating in her ears. The taunting rasp of his voice told her exactly what he wanted. What she’d confessed to wanting herself.

She drew in a breath and filled her lungs with much-needed oxygen. Then, never breaking the gaze, she shimmied out of her boxers and threw them aside. Her pu**y was exposed, smooth and bare from a recent visit to the salon, wet from the arousal Will Charleston elicited inside her.

Darkness bathed the bedroom, making it hard to decipher his expression.

“Turn over.”

His order coincided with a flash of lightning that illuminated his face and revealed the seductive glimmer in those piercing black eyes.

Without taking off her nightshirt, she rolled over and positioned herself so she was on her hands and knees. She lifted her ass into the air, stifling a moan when she heard him move closer. His clothing rustled, and then his hands caressed her bare bottom.