Shivers scurried down her spine. She waited.

“Will,” she murmured.

She flinched when she felt the sting of his palm against her ass.

“No talking.” His voice was gravelly. “I want you stay on your knees, stay quiet, while I do what I want with you.”

Moisture soaked her inner thighs. Who was this man? It couldn’t be Will, couldn’t be the man she’d confided in and depended on for so many years. He had become a different person. Demanding, bold, sexy. She ought to be angry at him for talking to her this way, commanding her as if she were nothing more than a warm cunt solely there for his pleasure, but she wasn’t angry. She was aroused. Hot. Aching.

“That’s the fantasy, isn’t it, baby?” She felt his warm breath on her cheeks, tickling her exposed slit. “You don’t want to be in control anymore. You want a man who’ll take what he pleases from you.”

He was reciting her own words back to her, each one causing her to grow wetter.

Yes, it was what she wanted. What she’d always wanted. Living with the visions required holding on to every ounce of control and willpower she possessed. She constantly had to keep herself grounded, restrained, if only to preserve her sanity, sanity that was threatened with each new vision. The restraint followed her into the bedroom, caused her to take charge of her sexual encounters so she wouldn’t feel vulnerable.

That’s how she felt right now. Vulnerable. And with that unfamiliar emotion came a sense of liberation.

“So are you going to be a good girl while I take what I want?” he asked roughly.

She managed a nod.

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes,” she choked out.


She trembled when his finger slid down the crease of her ass toward her wet slit. He toyed with her opening, dipping his finger into the moisture pooled there. She thrust her ass out, desperate to feel those long, talented fingers inside her, but he ignored the silent protest and moved his hand away. His index finger danced north again, this time rubbing her ass, teasing the puckered hole. At the first feel of the erotic invasion, she clamped her teeth down on her bottom lip to stifle a cry of pleasure.

His soft chuckle broke through the silence draping over the dark room. “You like it, don’t you, baby? My finger inside your tight ass…”

She shuddered. Anticipation so great, so intense, slammed into her and had her sagging against the mattress. “Will,” she started, but he silenced her with another gentle slap.

He pushed the tip of his finger into her ass. When a moan escaped her lips, he spanked her again.

Oh God. She wasn’t sure she could take any more of this. Her entire body reacted to him. Muscles taut, legs quivering, ni**les as hard as icicles.

The hiss of a zipper being tugged down filled the air. Will’s finger left her skin. She heard him slide out of his jeans, the denim making a soft thud as it hit the hardwood floor. Lightning flashed against the windowpane. A crash of thunder followed. She held her breath. She waited. And still he made no move to touch her again.

Eagerness coiled in her belly, wrapped hold of her br**sts and her throbbing sex. Her skin was tight, muscles tense, and she knew, any second now, she’d explode. The ripples of her impending orgasm rose to the surface, danced just out of reach.

It seemed like hours before he spoke again.

“You’ve got such a sweet pu**y,” he murmured. “I can’t wait to f**k it.”

She whimpered, wanting to beg him to do it, to slide his thick c**k deep inside her, but she stayed quiet like he’d ordered.

He moved closer, the tip of his penis brushing over her ass cheeks and leaving a bead of pre-come on her skin.

Long fingers gripping her ass, digging into her flesh…

She climaxed before he even entered her.

The orgasm tore into her body and sizzled down her spine, bringing with it streaks of lightning and a crash of thunder that had nothing to do with the storm wreaking havoc outside the farmhouse. Dear God. She gasped for air, coming hard and fast, her soft cries and uncontrollable moans filling the bedroom.

She sank forward on her hands, unable to hold herself up, but Will grabbed her hips and forced her to stay in position. He plunged his c**k into her, the force of the thrust causing her to gasp again.

“Take it in,” he muttered, his fingers clutching her ass. “All of it, Mackenzie.”

She inhaled deeply, forcing her muscles to relax. He was big, his c**k long and thick as it penetrated her to the hilt. With past lovers, she’d only taken in what she wanted, didn’t allow them to push the boundaries, but Will didn’t give her a choice. He slammed into her roughly, the only sound in the room that of flesh slapping against flesh and the low groans sliding out of his throat.

He gripped her hips tightly and drove into her with a pace that was feverish and wild. Her inner muscles clasped over his cock. “You’re so tight, Mac,” he ground out.

Rotating his hips, he slowed his pace, his warm hand reaching down to find her swollen clit. He rolled the nub between his fingers, massaging it gently.

Arousal spun through her like a tornado, blowing across her flushed skin until she could barely breathe from the heat consuming her body. Will grabbed her hand and brought it up to her clit, forced her to rub the slick flesh. She stroked herself, feeling another orgasm swell inside her. His breath was hot on the back of her neck as he pushed his c**k into her again, slowly this time. Both arms wrapped around her from behind, his hands finding her br**sts. He palmed each one and teased her rigid ni**les with his thumbs.