“Yes,” she choked out. “Like that, touch me just like that.” Her climax grew closer, closer, closer…

He pinched her ni**les. Hard.

Pain. Pleasure.

The incredible sensation sizzled her ni**les, then scurried down her spine and grabbed hold of her sex.

She cried out his name as she came again, clawing at the sheets. He thrust into her, out and in and in and out until she had no clue where one orgasm began and another ended. Sweat coated her forehead, her legs felt numb, her body on fire.

Will’s fingers curled over her hips as he f**ked her. She wanted to turn her head and see his expression. Wanted to know if he was as needy and aroused and overwhelmed as she was. But when she tried to tilt her head, he tangled his fingers in her dark hair and forced her to stay put.

A moment later he let out a hoarse cry, and then he poured his seed inside her. He gave a few more lazy thrusts before finally withdrawing. Her body instantly felt the loss. She whimpered in disappointment and fell onto the mattress, her br**sts aching against the material of her nightie.

Rolling onto her back, she looked up at Will, her best friend, the man who’d just rocked her entire world. He still wore his black long-sleeved T-shirt, but sweat coated the front, causing the material to cling to his rippled chest. She lowered her gaze and feasted on his lower body, the firm muscular thighs, the hard c**k that had just brought her to a level of pleasure she’d never known.

Swallowing, she locked her gaze with his, floored by the stark desire she saw in his stormy dark eyes.

She managed a hesitant smile, suddenly feeling far too exposed as she lay on the bed in front of him, naked from the waist down. “Well,” she started then cringed at the ridiculous conversation opener. “That was…” she struggled for words, “…nice.”

Nice? Yeah right. The word didn’t come close to doing justice to what just happened between them.

His gaze swept over her face, his expression flickering with both approval and amusement. With a crooked grin, he grabbed his collar and peeled the shirt off his spectacular chest.

Moving closer, he swept his tongue over his lower lip and said, “We’re just getting started, Mackenzie.”

Chapter Two

Will tossed his shirt aside and headed for the bed. He’d never seen anything sexier than the sight of Mackenzie lying on that bed, her silky black hair fanned across the pillow underneath her head, her legs spread open so wide he couldn’t help but feast his eyes on those damp, bare folds. Her pu**y was tighter than he’d expected, her reaction to his sexual ministrations far more powerful than he could’ve ever anticipated.

He’d wanted this woman from the second he’d met her, back in sophomore year. She was f**king gorgeous, with all that tousled, raven-colored hair, eyes as blue as a glacier lake, that sexy, leggy body. After she’d promptly relegated him to friend territory, he’d learned to appreciate her other attributes. The sharp wit, the contagious laughter, even the damn visions. Oh, he knew all about the visions, and he was well aware that those psychic images were responsible for her determination to fight the attraction between them. She thought her gift scared men away. Maybe it did. But he wasn’t some men. He was the man.

And tonight he intended to show Mackenzie exactly what he had to offer.

Never taking his eyes off her, he lowered his body onto the mattress and pressed it to hers. When he noticed she still wore her thin gray nightshirt, he snatched the hem in his hands and pulled the garment off her. His mouth watered at the sight of her tits. Full, perky, with small rosy ni**les that stood to attention the moment his gaze dropped to them.

Mackenzie shivered.

He smiled faintly and reached out to stroke the swell of one breast. “What did you see tonight?” he asked roughly.

She blinked, surprised by the question. “What?”

He massaged one tantalizing breast, enjoying the way her skin flushed under his gentle caress. “The vision in the living room. What did you see?”

“Nothing. There was no vision.”

She was lying. He always knew when she was being dishonest, saw it in the way her forehead creased, the way she averted her eyes.

“Tell me what you saw.”


He removed his hand from her breast. Obvious disappointment shone in her blue eyes. She tried to guide his hand back to her tits, but he set his mouth in a firm line. “Tell me.”

A long silence stretched between them. The sound of rain hitting the windowpane filled the dark bedroom, a rhythmic pounding that echoed the thudding of his pulse. Mac shifted her head, and her hair tickled the bottom of his chin. He inhaled the scent of lilac and vanilla. The flowery aroma mingled with the sweet scent of sex lingering between them, flooding his senses and making his c**k twitch. He wanted to f**k her again, but quickly reined in the desire. Not yet. Not until she told him what she’d seen, what had freaked her out so badly in the living room.

“I saw…” She sucked in a breath, then released it slowly, the warm stream of air heating his collarbone. “I saw you.”

He raised one brow. “Me.”


“What else?”


“Be more specific.”

She let out a strangled groan. “I saw you f**king me, okay? I felt your c**k inside me, your tongue all over my skin, your fingers dragging over every inch of my body. Satisfied?”

“Oh yeah.” He touched her chin and forced her to look at him. “Did it scare you?”