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Discarding my tank top for better access, he shifts his attention to the other breast. His tongue again swirling around in gentle circles, awakening every nerve ending, setting my body on high alert, before biting down with just enough force to make me gasp.

My nails dig into his shoulders and I try to pull him up, but he doesn’t budge. Not upwards anyway. With a nearly maddening slow pace, he kisses and nibbles his way down from my br**sts, inch by inch, leaving no skin untouched as he makes his way down to the edge of the bed.

Dropping to his knees, he watches me, his captivating blue eyes searing into me as he pulls me down the bed until my ass hovers near the edge. He slips off my pants in one fluid motion, leaving me lying bare in only my skimpy black lace panties.

He strokes his fingers languidly along the edge of the lace, before his hand slips underneath, his thumb grazing lightly over my clit, but it’s enough to have me panting at his simple touch and my body throbbing for him. The tension inside of me builds even more as he slips one finger inside of me, finding me already slick from my own juices. “You’re so wet for me,” he murmurs approvingly.

Adding a second finger, he pushes in and out in a slow, steady, unhurried rhythm. Keenly focused on my eyes, he watches how my body reacts to his every touch. Seeing him fixated on learning my body’s reactions only serves to heighten the intensity of what I’m feeling. I never knew how incredibly sexy it could be for a man to be so focused on bringing a woman pleasure. Bringing me pleasure.

He speeds up the pace and I feel my body climbing higher and higher with each blissful pump. But I want him with me. Want him inside of me when I come, need him to fall with me when I spiral down from the mountain he’s brought me to the top of.

“Please, Jax,” I breathe, reaching down, trying to grasp his shoulders and bring him up to me.

“Shh…later, I promise.” A dirty grin crosses his face, “I’m just getting started.” He adds his thumb to my clit, rubbing gentle circles around as he continues to push two fingers into me. Fast and firmly, his fingers glide in and out, in and out. I’m so close…dangling over the tunnel that leads straight to euphoria.

“I need to watch you come. Your sweet little pu**y is tightening around me. Let it happen, Angel. I can’t wait to spread you out and lick every drop from you.” His words enough to send me spiraling over the edge, my body begins to convulse, clamping down around his fingers as I climax. Between the innate instinct to close my eyes and let it wash over me and the intimacy of the moment, I struggle to hold his gaze. But I do, because it’s the only thing I can give him in the moment, and his eyes flare with satisfaction as he watches me, brings me to this place.

Barely recovered, I’m in a fog as he slips off my now soaked panties. Jax lifts one leg high, starting at my ankle and kisses his way gently up to my thigh. Slowly, he lifts and worships my other leg, only this time, when he reaches the top, he arranges both legs over his shoulders.

The first lick from his hot tongue elicits an unexpected shudder that runs through my body. I moan, a feeling of ecstasy taking over me, between the strength of my orgasm just a few minutes ago and the feeling of his tongue lapping hungrily, almost needily, at my juices, my emotions consume me.

My body arches off the bed, greedily craving more. And he gives it to me selflessly, his tongue tunneling deep inside me, licking and sucking, drinking in all my body gives as if he needed it to survive.

My breath quickening, one throaty moan leading directly into the next, my body begins to tremble against his mouth. Clutching and tugging at his hair as my orgasm washes over me like a tidal wave, it pulls me under in its fury until I have to struggle to breathe.

In a euphoric haze, I sense the activity around me, but my brain doesn’t register what’s happening until I hear the crinkle of a wrapper and feel the brush of Jax’s thick erection waiting patiently near my opening.

Hovering over me, Jax hesitates, one arm supporting his weight, the other hand brushes my hair from my face with a tender touch. “You okay, Angel?” he asks, true concern in his voice even though I should be the one asking if he’s okay after the marathon treatment he’s just delivered.

I nod, a goofy grin on my face, which apparently he finds amusing. Taking his time, he gently kisses around every inch of my lips, his tongue dipping in to mingle with mine leisurely. His smile is still firmly in place as he pulls his head back to look into my eyes. I lift my pelvis slightly under his weight, silently urging him to take me. He knows what I want and I watch as his eyes change from playful to hungry, filled with raw desire. “You want my c**k inside of you?” he groans.

I nod again. My thirst for this man is barely quenched even after what he’s already done to me. Keeping his eyes locked with mine, with a strong thrust of his hips, he finally sinks into me. Slowly. He’s long. And thick. I’ve never seen him naked before this so I don’t know what to expect. But whatever I expected, the reality blows the fantasy away. Painstakingly slow, he rocks into me a little at a time, stretching me unhurriedly, like he knows he needs to take his time, until the base of him is finally flush against me.

It feels heavenly. More than just him inside of me, I feel filled by him, possessed completely and totally connected. Like we’ve just shut ourselves off from the world and only the two of us exist. Together, as one.

He takes his time, giving me a chance to adjust to his wide girth, before he begins moving. Our fingers linked together tightly, he sets our rhythm. At first it’s slow and sweet. I wrap my legs tightly around him, allowing him to sink even deeper than he already is. I moan his name and Jax responds with a sound that can only be described as a growl. And then slow and steady goes out the window. Jax slams into me hard and fast, relentlessly pounding over and over until my furious grip on his back goes limp and both of us climax with a ferocious groan that he silences with a kiss.


I don’t remember falling asleep, but I wake completely tangled with Jax, our arms and legs wrapped around each other in a vice like grip. My head on his chest, I tilt my eyes up, expecting to find him still asleep, but he’s already awake.

“Morning,” he says in a low, gravelly morning voice that is sexy as all hell.

“Morning.” I smile at him and snuggle a bit closer. It feels so good. So right. I spent months with Caden and never wanted to spend the entire day in bed. Snuggling was just never my thing…until now.

“How long have you been up for?” I ask.

Jax strokes my hair back, his touch soothing more than my morning bed head. “I don’t know. An hour maybe.”

“Do you have to be somewhere?” I ask, quietly hoping he doesn’t.

“Nope. You?”

“It’s my day off from the gym. The uptown manager is covering for me today.” I pause. “Although I do need to do a little sketching at some point. I’m a bit behind because of all the extra hours I’ve been putting in at the gym with Joe away.”

Flipping me over onto my back in one swift move I didn’t see coming, Jax pulls the sheet covering my body down, sucking one nipple into his mouth. “You can sketch me.”

“I can, can I?” I tease, pretending he’s arrogant and I don’t really want to sketch him. Even though I’ve wanted nothing more than to capture his jaw line on paper since the first time I laid eyes on him.

“Yep.” He smiles, moving his attention to my other nipple and biting down until I yelp. “Naked.”

“What if I don’t want to draw you naked?”

“Then you can do other things to me naked.” He wiggles his eyebrows playfully.

“Hmm. Tough choice. I really do like to draw, what other things did you have in mind? I need a little more specifics before I can decide,” I tease.

“Let’s see…my c**k has so many ideas….” He slides two fingers inside of me.

I gasp. “I can sketch later.”

“Good choice, Angel.”


If morning sex was always like we just had, I’d be anxious to get to bed every night, just to wake up. Sitting in my kitchen wearing nothing but tight black boxer briefs, Jax keeps me company as I finish up making us pancakes.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sixteen,” Jax answers without hearing my question.

“Sixteen what?” I’m almost afraid to ask.

“That’s the answer to your question.”

“But I didn’t ask a question yet.”

“Oh. I just assumed you were going to ask me how many times I thought I could service you in one day,” Jax grins as he speaks.

“Wiseass…wait, what? Sixteen?”

“You think I’m exaggerating?”

“I do.”

He reaches over to my plate and tears a piece of my pancake, bringing it to his lips, but falling short of stuffing it into his mouth. “Only one way to find out?”

“Let me guess. We give it a try?” I roll my eyes playfully.

“You got it.” He rewards me with a full dimpled smile.

My cell phone rings on the nearby counter. It’s the third time in an hour. I’m almost positive that it’s Caden, but I reach to grab it and check anyway. I hit REJECT and slide it back onto the counter.

Almost immediately, Jax’s phone starts ringing. “Guess we’re pretty popular.” He reaches down to his phone, finds his father’s name on the caller ID and hits REJECT with a clench of his jaw.

“So what’s the question?” He tries to resume our playful banter, even though I see the name on the screen has shifted his mood.

“How come you don’t fight professionally? Marco says you’re good enough.”

Jax arches an eyebrow, a satisfied boyish grin tilts upward at the corner of his mouth as he speaks, “Asked about me, did you?” He forks another bite of pancake from my plate.

Of course I did, but I hadn’t meant to let him know that. This man has seen every part of my body. Hell, he’s licked, sucked and nipped at most of it…you’d think I’d be past the point of shyness, yet I feel my face flush at being caught simply digging a little bit…asking about him.

Attempting to avoid the question, I reach across to his plate, fork a pancake, and swirl it around in the syrup leisurely. Flush rises up my face. His eyes never leaving mine, he watches me intently. Bringing the fork to my mouth, I attempt to deflect, “Are you avoiding my question, Jackson Knight?”

“Maybe.” His face turns serious. “I guess I just wish I had a better reason to tell you.” He pauses, reflecting on something before continuing, “I wish I had a better reason for myself.”

“I’m sure whatever you decided, you had good reason at the time. Sometimes things we choose to do make perfect sense at one time…but later, in hindsight, we can’t imagine what we must have been thinking.”

Jax searches my eyes, “I guess you’re right.”

“I usually am,” I tease, an attempt to lighten the mood.

“Well, I could have used you ten years ago, when I decided to follow my father’s choice of careers for me, instead of my own.”

“Is that why you didn’t fight? You didn’t want to disappoint your father?”

Jax’s face tenses, “Not my finest hour.”

“Actually, I think it’s honorable that you followed his guidance.”

“At the time I thought he was an honorable person.”

I’ve always known how lucky I was to have the father I did. It saddens me to think Jax’s father let him down when he looked up to him so much. I try to offer comfort, “Parents are human too. Sometimes they make bad decisions.”

Standing, Jax looks anxious to change the subject, but not before delivering his final thought, “And sometimes they’re just bad people.”