Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice

  • Published :
  • December 7, 2010
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Vampire Academy Series 6: Last Sacrifice

Rose is in prison after being framed for Queen Tatiana's murder. She is then broken out of prison with the help of her dad Abe along with Lissa, Christian, and Adrian's help. She is given to Dimitri to keep her safe while they find out who did kill the queen. After Dimitri and her catch up with Sydney and go to West Virginia where they are supposed to stay and wait until Rose's friends at court find the real killer. Rose, however, wants to help and after a few escape plans finally convinces Dimitri and Sydney to help her look for Lissa's illegitimate sibling. All three of them go on adventures and are helped at the end by Robert and Victor whom Rose despises but finds useful. Rose also converts Sonya back into a moroi and she helps them find Lissa's sibling, who turns out to be Jill. Meanwhile, Lissa runs for queen to stall the elections and create chaos to give herself and her friends more time to find the true killer of Tatiana. Rose also realizes that even though she is happy with Adrian she still deeply loves Dimitri and Dimitri realizes that he has to let go of his past and enjoy life and love...