In the Face of Death

In the Face of Death

  • Published :
  • 2001
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  • 1694

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In the Face of Death (Madelaine de Montalia #2)

This erotic and historical vampire novel is set in America in the years before and during the Civil War and features Madaleine de Montalia, sometime lover of Count Saint-Germain; General William Tecumseh Sherman; and, in a supporting role, Saint-Germain himself. Madaleine lives with and studies the native tribes of America, trying to document their culture and knowledge before they are changed unalterably by contact with the settlers new to North America, only to find herself in the middle of some of the most horrifying events of the war. The stubborn and highly disciplined Tecumseh wrestles with his conscience as he falls in love with Madelaine, while the strong-willed Madaleine is torn between her love for Tecumseh and the demands of her nature.

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